Post workout smoothie

Post workout smoothie

So, by popular demand, I am posting my recipe for what I have after my workouts.

Directly after my workouts, I have a very small glass of gatorade to help replenish my glycogen stores. I try to get that in within 20 minutes of finishing my workout.

Then I make a vegan monster smoothie packed with nutrients to aid recovery! Thanks to my ninja blender, I can blend this up in less than a minute;

3 x medium sized bananas

2 x cups of frozen mixed fruit (strawberries, blueberries, pears, mango)

1 x scoop of unflavoured pea protein isolate

1 x small handful of frozen spinach leaves

1 x small handful of frozen kale leaves

mixed with water


This will make roughly 1L of pure goodness! The bananas are essential for post workout!! Packed with fructose to help replenish glycogen stores! But the main micronutrient here is potassium. Potassium is key for aiding in recovery. This smoothie is packed with over 1200mg of potassium!!

Overall, I find this smoothie to be the best fit for recovery. I have trialled many different post-workout shakes, smoothies etc. But I find this blend to have the right amount of carbs, natural sugars and protein to aid in the recovery for workouts I do!

Take into account that everyone’s nutrient demands are different! But this one works for me! Give it a shot!!

Coach Alex

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