A day in the life – Vegan feeds!

A day in the life – Vegan feeds!

So, I haven’t posted in a little while since being away for Christmas break. While I was travelling over break, I was asked, by someone who is considering going vegan, if I could write down exactly what I eat on a daily basis. I said “of course. BUT I figured this might be an interesting read for those who are unclear of the micro and macronutrients in a vegan diet.

Keep in mind, that I have used years of trial and error to figure out what works best for my body and the demands of my workouts. I am pretty strict with how I eat and it doesn’t really change or vary too much anymore.

So here is what I consume on a daily basis;


Oats (~1/2-1cup)

Granola (hand full)

Chia seeds (hand full)

Cranberries/blueberries (handfull)

1 Banana

  • with almond/coconut milk


Quinoa/Brown rice (1/2-1cup)

Fake Chicken (Seitan) – 100g

Corn (1/2 cup)

Broccoli (1/2 cup)


6-10 Bananas

Post workout Smoothie (see previous post)

Nuts (2 handfuls)

Blueberry bagel (with almond butter)

Tofurky sausage with spinach leaves in a wrap (with veggies)

Various vegetables

1 Clif builder bar


Some form of fake meat protein. Whether it be faux fish, seitan, tofu, faux chicken etc. ‘Gardein’ is my go-to brand!!

With a cup of varied vegetables

1 Sweet potato – sometimes mashed with coconut nectar.


Complete Cookie – Lenny and Larry

(Pictured; one of my dinners. Crispy faux chicken tenders, vegan honey mustard, plantains, lima beans and peas.)


Wow, I really do eat a lot…


Coach Alex

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